What is Floorball?
Floorball is a fast paced, dynamic and tactical team sport. It is a type of indoor hockey played inside a rink with carbon-shaft sticks and a plastic ball. The International Floorball Federation (IFF) was founded in 1986 and is the head organisation of world Floorball, which is spreading rapidly around the globe. The IFF organises World Floorball Championships every year, Men in even years and Women in odd numbered years, as well as U19 World Championships and Top Club Competitions on a yearly basis. IFF also has a ParaFloorball Function which coordinates the activities of the different versions of Floorball played by disabled athletes.
A floorball team consists of five field players and a goalie. Teams also have many substitutes, as you can sub at any time during a game and quick subbing keeps the game at a high level of intensity throughout. No protective gear is required by the field players however the goalkeeper has protective gear, but plays without a stick. The rules are simple and it is a safe, fun and easy sport to learn.

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Watch the latest floorball action via the IFF YouTube channels - Channel 1 or Channel 2